Books in other languages

Some of the books dealing with the Academy’s history and current activities have also been published in foreign languages, in most cases in English.

Sture Allén & Kjell Espmark
The Nobel Prize in Literature. An introduction

The Nobel Prize in Literature is the internationally most noticed manifestation of Swedish culture. In this introduction to the Swedish Academy’s work on the prize, the first section deals with Alfred Nobel’s will, the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, the procedure for the choice of laureate, the prize citations and the award ceremony. The theme of the second section is the history of the evaluations, i.e. the development of the criteria for the Academy’s assessment of candidates throughout different periods. There is also a complete listing of all the Nobel laureates, with prize citations. Translated by Erik Frykman.

2014. 3rd edn. 72 pp., paperback. ISBN 978-91-1-306663-9. Distributed by Norstedts.

El Premio Nobel de Literatura. Una presentación
Traducción de Sergio Infante.

2007. 72 pp. ISBN 978-91-7227-494-5. Distributed by Norstedts.

Le Prix Nobel de littérature. Une introduction
Traduit du suédois en français par Françoise Sule.

2008. 72 pp. ISBN 978-91-7227-606-2. Distributed by Norstedts.

Nobelevskaja premija po literature
Perevod so sjvedskogo Jeleny Bal’zamo, Tatiany Dobronitskoj
i Bengta Jangfeldta.

2009. 76 pp. ISBN 978-91-7227-605-5. Distributed by Norstedts.

Der Nobelpreis für Literatur. Eine Einführung
Aus dem Schwedischen von Frank-Michael Kirsch.

2011. 76 pp. isbn 978-91-1-303057-9. Distributed by Norstedts.

诺贝尔文学奖:导论 (Chinese edition)
Translated by Maiping Chen.

2015. 76 pp. ISBN 978-91-1-307251-7. Distributed by Norstedts.


Helena Paulin-Strömberg (photography) & Carl Otto Werkelid (text)
The Swedish Academy – A Year Behind the Scenes

The Swedish Academy – A Year Behind the Scenes takes us into the world of an institution that was founded in 1786 but is still extremely alive and active today. A photographer and a writer provide insights into the Academy’s working year – a unique account of what goes on within its walls, from the daily tasks to the ceremonial occasions. We also look back to the Academy’s long and remarkable history since it came into being in the eighteenth century, in the reign of its founder, King Gustaf III. 

Translated from the Swedish by Sara Death.

2013. 204 pp., hardback. ISBN 978-91-7353-635-6. Distributed by Bokförlaget Atlantis.


Bo Svensén
The Swedish Academy and the Nobel Prize in Literature 
The Swedish Academy has gained worldwide recognition through its annual awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature, first presented in 1901. But the Academy has a far longer history: it was founded in 1786 by King Gustaf III to promote Swedish language and literature – still its main purpose. This booklet provides a condensed review of the Academy’s history and current activities. A special section deals with the Nobel Prize in Literature: the background, the formal rules for the Academy’s work on the prize and the evolution of the criteria for the assessment of candidates throughout the years.

Translated from the Swedish by Kim Loughran.

2011. 2nd edn. 87 pp., paperback. ISBN 978-91-1-303056-2. Distributed by Norstedts.