Old Town, Stockholm

Old Town, Stockholm

The Swedish Academy Nobel Library

The Swedish Academy Nobel Library

The Swedish Academy is an independent cultural institution, founded in 1786 by King Gustaf III in order to advance the Swedish language and Swedish literature. The Academy has also awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature since 1901.

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The Swedish Academy elects two new members

Press release29 Mar 2019

At its statutory gathering yesterday, the Swedish Academy voted to appoint two new members: Ellen Mattson, to succeed Jayne Svenungsson on Chair No. 9, and Anne Swärd, who succeeds Sara Stridsberg on Chair No. 13.

The Nobel Prize in Literature

Press release5 Mar 2019

The Nobel Foundation has announced today that the Nobel Prize in Literature can again be awarded, since the Swedish Academy in the past year has taken considerable steps to reestablish confidence in itself as an institution.

Statutes of the Swedish Academy

News28 Feb 2019

The comments on the statutes with guidelines for the inner operation of the Swedish Academy adopted in September 2018 are now published in Swedish and English on the Academy’s website. They are to be found under the heading “Statutes of the Swedish Academy” on the home page.

The Swedish Academy elects a new member

Press release12 Feb 2019

At its most recent Thursday convocation, the Swedish Academy voted to appoint a new member, the author Tua Forsström. She will succeed Katarina Frostenson on Chair No. 18. H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf has today given approval to the appointment.