The members of the Swedish Academy generally meet once a week. 
Foto: Rickard L. Eriksson


The meetings of the Swedish Academy take one of two forms: public (held in the Stock Exchange Hall with an audience) or private (no outside parties may attend). Public meetings take place annually on 20 December, when the Academy holds its Grand Ceremony. The private meetings take place once a week, except during the Christmas break and summer months, when the Academy is on leave.



Meetings are necessary in order to be able to coordinate the work of the Academy and make joint decisions. Reports are often heard from the Academy’s various committees, including the Nobel Committee, Language Committee and Executive Committee. It is during these meetings that the Academy makes decisions relating to the recipients of prizes and scholarships, as well as to literary publications and special initiatives of various kinds. It is also when it decides which new members to elect. The final meeting of the year, the Annual Grand Ceremony, differs in several ways from the private meetings: constituting a summary of the entire working year, it is a public meeting without any opportunity for discussion. It is moreover attended by the Academy’s patron, and is the only occasion during the year that allows for the admission of newly elected members.