Svenska Akademiens logotyp

Svenska Akademiens bokutgivning

Svenska Akademien ger främst ut böcker inom sina två huvudsakliga verksamhetsområden: språk och litteratur.

Helena Paulin-Strömberg (photography) & Carl Otto Werkelid (text)
The Swedish Academy – A Year Behind the Scenes

The Swedish Academy – A Year Behind the Scenes takes us into the world of an institution that was founded in 1786 but is still extremely alive and active today. A photographer and a writer provide insights into the Academy’s working year – a unique account of what goes on within its walls, from the daily tasks to the ceremonial occasions. We also look back to the Academy’s long and remarkable history since it came into being in the eighteenth century, in the reign of its founder, King Gustaf III.

Translated from the Swedish by Sara Death.

2013. 204 pp., hardback. ISBN 978-91-7353-635-6. Distributed by Bokförlaget Atlantis.